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Fruiturday Smoothies - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Fruiturday – Chiang Mai, Thailand

By Louise

Fruitaday is one of my favorite places in Chiang Mai for smoothies (other than Mrs Pa of course).

In particular, they allow you to choose how sweet you want your smoothie – virgin, healthy, or sweet.

Location of Fruiturday, Chiang Mai

Menu at Fruiturday, Chiang Mai

There are quite a few smoothie options at Fruiturday – in particular, the Happy Monkey Honey is delicious. Personally, I like the purer smoothies – they make an excellent coconut smoothie that’s made just by blending coconut flesh with ice. The guava smoothie is also excellent and very refreshing.
menu at fruiturday, chiang mai

My favorite smoothie at Fruiturday

My personal favorite is the coconut smoothie (virgin).

Coconut smoothie at Fruiturday, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Coconut smoothie

The Atmosphere at Fruiturday

It’s a nice cafe atmosphere with some outdoor seating out of the sun as well as plenty of indoor tables to relax at. You can even at AIS wifi inside.

fruiturday smoothies, chiang mai, thailand

fruiturday smoothies, chiang mai, thailand

fruiturday smoothies, chiang mai, thailand

fruiturday smoothies, chiang mai, thailand

fruiturday smoothies, chiang mai, thailand

Food 4 Thought - Chiang Mai Restaurant Review

Food For Thought – Chiang Mai Restaurant Review

By Louise

Food For Thought is one of my favorite Western restaurants in Chiang Mai. They’ve got probably the best coffee in the city as well as Bay (one of the owners) who is by far the most knowledgeable guy I have met on coffee. They also serve a large selection of breakfast/brunch fare as well as delicious salads and wraps. Plus, to top it off, they have gluten-free wraps and bread as well as gluten-free (Paleo) desserts like almond flour chocolate cake and almond cake. They also have a raw vegan selection of desserts that I haven’t tried.

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Baan Rai Yam Yen Restaurant Review, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Baan Rai Yam Yen – Chiang Mai Restaurant Review

By Louise

About Baan Rai Yam Yen

We headed to the restaurant one evening after reading that Andy Ricker had recommended it. Andy describes the restaurant as “The perfect place to start for Northern Thai newbies, with an encyclopedic menu, spirited atmosphere and live music by the river.”

And it lived up to expectations – the menu was certainly encyclopedic and the variety amazing. I had never seen many of the dishes anywhere else in Chiang Mai! There was barbecued bee nest as well as red ant egg curry and that was just the first page in this giant menu.
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Chiang Mai Gate Food Stalls

Best Chiang Mai Gate Food Stands – Chiang Mai Restaurant Review

By Louise

Chiang Mai Gate is a very popular tourist location, especially during the weekends when the popular Saturday night market and Sunday night market are held close by.

Right by the Chiang Mai Gate (the gate to the South of the old city), there’s a large selection of delicious food stalls and here are 3 of my favorites. You can try all 3 stalls during a night – a smoothie appetizer, an entree, and a dessert.

So if you’re heading to Chiang Mai, then this is a $3 dinner you won’t want to miss…

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Pantawan Cooking Class Review - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Pantawan Cooking Class – Chiang Mai, Thailand

By Louise

We (4 of us) took the Pantawan Cooking class for the Thai Home Cooking course in November 2015. Below is a detailed description of our day complete with tons of photos.

Pantawan Cooking is somewhere I highly recommend anyone wishing to take a cooking class in Chiang Mai to go to. The chef and the guides are excellent and the class was really well organized unlike many other Thai tourist tours I’ve been on.
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the bo sang umbrella festival chiang mai thailand photographs

Photos of The Umbrella Festival in Ba Song, Thailand

By Louise

Bo Sang is village in the outskirts of Chiang Mai, Thailand, filled with umbrella shops, silversmiths, artists, and other artisans. And every year, they hold a very popular Umbrella Festival.

I got to attend the first day of the 33rd Umbrella Festival on January 15th, 2016 and below are some of my photos from the festival.

It was nice way to spend a few hours – the festival is not very touristy and is filled with locals. But there also wasn’t that much to see beyond the parade, floats, bands, food stalls, and of course umbrellas!
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