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Here’s a longish blurb for now…more to come later (maybe if I get time).

I was born in China and then moved to Birmingham, England at age 7. I didn’t speak any English and had to bumble my way through making friends and growing up. Somehow it worked out 🙂

My parents always strived to give me the best education, and so it’s no wonder that I went to a top-ranking grammar school and then to Cambridge University (Queens’ College) to read Physics (yes, I was a NatSci).

4 years of grueling physics problems later, I finalized realized that what was a true lifelong passion for my dad simply wasn’t even a small passion for me. And so I took my MS diploma papers and said goodbye to academia forever.

A new phase of my life began. First, I was finally together in the same country as my now-husband, Jeremy. Second, we moved to New York (and yes, it is indeed a concrete jungle!). And lastly, I started my JD at Columbia Law School. Apparently all those years of watching Ally McBeal and Kavanagh QC finally got to me.

I loved my time at Columbia – the friends I made were for life, and the fun we had will forever be ingrained in my memories (best not to write them down!).

However, 3 years after graduating law school, I decided once again that this was not the life for me. I was working in one of the best Trusts and Estates departments in the country with the nicest and most considerate lawyers, and yet, I was still unhappy.

So, when the chance came to go off by myself, I took it. Jeremy had quit his real estate law job a year before me, and we had started running a bunch of different businesses, so it was only natural that I would start becoming an entrepreneur full-time too.

We started without a business plan, and without any real thoughts as to how we were going to succeed. The shiny bright object syndrome has been one of our major downfalls, and in the past year of entrepreneurship we have owned 2 magazines, owned 1 food production company, owned 1 rental property, kept up 3 blogs (each with its own full set of social media sites), authored 3 books, and made very little money. But we’re still going…we learned the lesson about needing to focus the hard way, and now we’re trying to implement it properly (well, that is apart from this new blog I just started!).

So, where does travel and photography fit in? Well, nowhere really. We took to heart some of the lessons learnt by other entrepreneurs who wish they had spent more time enjoying their lives rather than working to make money. So, we thought we’d travel and work at the same time. And photography is just something I do – maybe it’s an Asian thing.


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